Moire Labs Sentry

Case Study

Client: Moire Labs, Slovakia

Completed in 2022: product design, visualisation, graphic design

Redizajn zariadenia Sentry pre Moire Labs | produktový dizajn | priemyselný dizajn | dizajn produktov | dizajn výrobkov

Final Design


Moire Labs is a development and manufacturing company supplying solutions for measuring pressures, temperatures, and liquid levels measurement in pipelines.


One of the devices is S1A – Sentry. Sentry is a patented modular telemetry device with included batteries. Its uniqueness lies in the simple disconnection of the telemetry part and replacement of batteries without the need for professional service.


The client approached us with a request for a redesign of this device, which was in the development phase at that time. The requirements included:

Design of Form

Designing a new product shape while preserving all functional joints and details. Increase the attractiveness of the product to the customer.

Choice of Materials & Colors

Take into account the necessary properties of the materials (e.g. antistatic) and their relation to the internal electronics.

Design for Manufacturing

Adapt the shape to the requirements of 3D printing. Count on large-scale production by injection molding in the future.

Our approach 

Form Inspiration

The original shape of the Sentry reminded us of a square rocket. We stayed with this inspiration and gave the product the elegance of spaceships.

Design of Form

The technical specifications of the product did not allow us to fundamentally change the shape. We turned this limitation to our advantage. We gave the product a convincing character with subtle but important modifications in the design.

The design and placement of information labels were also part of the assignment.

Important Details

It was necessary to ensure that the Sentry did not move when placed on the cylindrical surface. We decided to create protrusions on rounded surfaces that solve this problem. The protrusions have multiple functions.

The product includes a nut placed under the head. Its function is to ensure the easy opening of the product without the use of any tools. The protrusions on the nut should be ergonomic and create sufficient resistance to work gloves.

Final Solution

Moire Labs supplied us with top-of-the-line equipment for the redesign. We underlined its value with a new design. By modifying the exterior shape and paying close attention to every detail, we gave the Sentry a convincing, sophisticated face.
With individual modifications, we also managed to improve the comfort during the installation and service of the device.

Vizualizácia zariadenia Sentry pre Moire Labs | produktový dizajn | priemyselný dizajn | dizajn produktov | dizajn výrobkov
Render zariadenia Sentry pre Moire Labs | vizualizácie | produktový dizajn | dizajn produktov | dizajn výrobkov


Small-scale production using 3D printing is currently taking place, and large-scale production is expected in the future.

Detail redizajnu zariadenia Sentry pre Moire Labs | produktový dizajn | priemyselný dizajn | dizajn produktov | dizajn výrobkov

Branding & Product Graphic

We redesigned the logo and prepared presentation materials for Moire Labs.