Detailed Design

In the second phase, we transform design proposals into a concrete physical form.

Concept Development

After approving the design from the first phase, we are working on the development of the final product.

  • Design of construction details and modeling in CAD 3D programs
  • Consultations with manufacturers, product pricing and production pricing
Detail bandasky Dynamax | produktový dizajn | priemyselný dizajn | obalový dizajn

Close-up of Dynamax canister handle


We want to bring solutions that will not have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore we are looking for and improve practices that help us do that.

  • We use the Ecolizer program when selecting materials. It is used to calculate the environmental load of the product during production and use. (more here)
  • SIS Toolkit – Sustainable innovation system (more here)
  • Circular design (more here)

4 years of using the refrigerator have 3 times more negative impact on the environment than its production

Prototypes and Quality Control

Product development does not remain only on the computer. We control the quality of the design in several levels:

  • We produce preliminary prototypes, where we verify the shape solutions, the overall visual impression and the first user experience.
  • Innovation garages: joint meetings with the client, the manufacturer and representatives of the target groups, where we share our comments and observations. There is room for even better solutions.
  • After incorporating the feedback, we work on the production of functional prototypes, where we verify not only the shape but also the material, construction and technological solutions. These prototypes are used to eliminate possible errors and inaccuracies. These must be removed before preparing the documents for production.