Concept Design

Introductory phase of product development. We divide it into 3 main parts, the content of which we adapt to your project.

Product Vision

We create the basis for design. 

  • Client’s corporate identity search: vision, visual identity, market place, current work portfolio
  • 15 core values system
  • Preliminary sketching and ideas
  • Market research and competing products
  • Analysis of usable materials
  • Innovation garage – client involvement in the design process


  • Intensive research, technical documents
  • Price estimation
  • Design of several versions of the product
  • Mockup production
  • Checking production possibilities and deadlines, price for production
  • Innovation garage – client involvement in the design process

Presentation and Design Selection

The presentation contains the vision of the product, the output of the research and 2-3 versions of the design. Design corrections may follow the presentation (2 corrections are included in the price offer). Now the client decides which version of the design will be  developed in the next phase.