Pierre Baguette NONSTOP

Client: Pierre BaguetteSlovakia
Realized 2021-2022: Product design, service design, project management, production supervision
Graphic Design:  Pergamen Slovakia

Consultation: Ing. arch. Jozef Veselovský, Ing. arch. Martin Smerek, Pergamen Slovakia

Case Study

Pierre Baguette is the largest Slovak producer of packaged chilled snacks. It operates in 5 markets in the European Union and produces more than 250,000 finished products daily. It sells part of its products in vending machines. He approached our company with a bold assignment:
Design a unique stand for three vending machines. Their expectations are probably best expressed by the words of the owner of the company: “It should be Liebling (darling) on the road, original, clearly memorable, clean and nice”.


After initial meetings with the client, we formulated goals:

  • satisfied customer – at every point of his experience with the kiosk
  • satisfied client – effective product sales
  • define the face of the company in the exterior, the design of the network of stores
  • an object that is recognizable from distance even without a logo
  • positive impact on public space
  • modular construction, system details, object designed for serial production, anti-vandal

The atmosphere of the café, the striped awning, and the purity of the trapezoidal sheet metal architecture was the inspiration for us throughout the development. When we first drew houses with an awning and a window in the back, we knew we were on the right track! The idea remained to turn it into reality.

During development, we evaluated many cladding and interior materials. The final selection was settled on a silver-black combination. Prior to approval for production, there was a need to design more significant branding. During this modification, a characteristic wall with the inscription NONSTOP 24 was created above the awning. A separate task was to find a suitable trapezoidal sheet metal, which will resemble strips on awnings.

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Service Design

We used service design principles throughout the design. Its goal is to understand the customer’s needs and set up a solution so that the customer has the best possible experience with the product. When will he feel safe and comfortable? What will make him come back?

Project Management and Production Supervision

Our service also included ensuring the communication of all parties involved. The following people worked on the project: Kutlik Design Studio, the marketing and development department of Pierre Baguette, manufacturer ROSS, and graphic studio Pergamen.


Enjoy hot coffee on a frosty morning or a tasty sandwich late at night.
Photography: Matej Hakár

“With his very open and professional approach, Dušan helped us define our project in the beginning and subsequently actively participated in all project phases. Together, we have created a unique prototype that confirms the quality-based brand positioning of Pierre Baguette.”

Andrej Gerstner, Marketing Director

We designed the advertising space as a natural part of the kiosk. It’s shaped to act as a wall on which the awning rests. Visually separates the vending machine and sales area of the kiosk.


The first prototype of the kiosk is located in Sládkovičovo near Oliva Gas Station. We invite you to visit!