A Salad Cup

A project of Pergamen Design Studio

Client: Pierre Baguette, Slovakia

Completed in 2013: product design, production drawings

Work on this project took place in Pergamen Design Studio.

Project leaders: Juraj Demovič, Juraj Vontorčík

Graphic design: Juraj Demovič, Lívia Lorinzová

Product design: Dušan Kutlík

Photography: Jakub Dvořák


The plastic salad cup for Pierre Baguette. The shape of the product allows the use of a large label and also the stacking of the product. The lid is designed with an internal lock for a larger, more comfortable fork. At the bottom of the arch structure, there is a jar to drain the excess juice.

Detailed Design

In the development process, a double compartment for salad side dishes was added to the basic design, thanks to which they do not come into contact with the salad.